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Owning or Buying a Condominium in CT

Do you own or are you buying a condominium in Connecticut?

Here are resources to help you with either buying or insuring your condo in CT.

Condominiums can include “townhouse style” condominiums. However, stand-alone homes can be part of a homeowner’s association. It is important you real estate agent/broker is specific with you regarding what you might be purchasing. This is especially relevant information when shopping for insurance because condo insurance is not the same as homeowner’s insurance.

From the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection

Condominium FAQs – Contains information like:

  • Before you buy
  • When buying
  • After you buy
  • Relevant laws
  • Condo case studies

From Community Associations Network

General information for owners, information for owners, Insurance for owners, buying/selling your unit/home in an association, & more resources.

From The Balance Small Business

Short article about the pros and cons of condo ownership.